Three individuals (Charlotte, Caroline and Jon) set out to discover the best of the best Pop Tarts created by Kelloggs.

Monday, August 01, 2005


I am so happy to have a WildBerry experience after the degradation of Chocolate chip cookie dough and French Toast flavors. I would give raw WildBerry a 3.5 and, once toasted, it becomes a 4. In both conditions it would be nicely matched with a glass of cold milk; with the raw b/c it is so dry and with the toasted b/c it is so sweet.
It is my belief that this is a strawberry tart with wild frosting. The filling is uniformly bright red and the pastry is of the classic kind and texture but the frosting is a delightful purple swirled with blue. I think the intention is to make you think of other berries, but it reminded me of the graphics associated with that 90s classic, "Saved by the Bell." In fact, I think a cold glass of milk, a toasted WildBerry poptart and an episode of "SBTB" would be a wonderful pick-me-up. I would certianly recommend this flavor to others and would buy it again myself. Yum. -CACG


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