Three individuals (Charlotte, Caroline and Jon) set out to discover the best of the best Pop Tarts created by Kelloggs.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

tart temperature and other procedure

I have noticed that the folks at headquarters are encouraging us to eat our tarts frozen.
Has anyone tried this? I feel apprehensive about eating a hot or even room temperature item preporting to simulate a milkshake. Maybe I should try the milkshake flavor frozen. But are we all supposed to try it at the same time? how does "Social" work?-Caroline


Blogger The Oinkin Dorks said...

Well, I saw that same message on the tart box about freezing them. but if you read the fine print I think you are supposed to put the wrappers in the freezer and if they turn red you've won some prize or something (makes you wonder what weird chemical they used in the wrapper that's temperature reactive....) but I could be wrong. I certainly wouldn't want to eat them frozen. oh, and as far as the "social" goes, that just means we all try the same one, not necessarily at the same time...

I am kind of sick of the american idol marketing on each box. like I would want to win that. But they are primarily marketing to kids I realize.

7:14 AM  
Blogger The Oinkin Dorks said...

I agree, I don't think a frozen Pop Tart sounds right? With the current rise in toothlessness taking over the south, a few frozen tarts could be enough to cause widespread panic! Most of Kentucky and surrounding states would be left foaming at the mouth and gumming solid pastries until they ain't gotz gumz to gum no more..

8:02 AM  
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Blogger Duck said...

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