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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Frosted Blueberry

Oh yeah, now this is happening...I'm writing my first of many reviews. The first being the wonderful Frosted Blueberry, otherwise known as the frosted "bloob."

Upon opening the package I was starving, there could have been a stick of butter in that foil and I would have eaten it without complaint. However, I discovered the bloob, covered in just the right amount of frosting (which I think is standard among all frosted tarts) and just the right amount of little candy sprinkles. I had these once before, but I tried to block that from my memory.

Wow, untoasted I broke that gem into triangles and threw each piece down like I was eating my last meal. Very satisfying, in fact, I felt much like a kid again and it made me happy. I sat at my desk facing away from the crowd, hoping that I wouldn't be interrupted in this beautiful moment. Never fails, in walks my neighbor who always comes to visit when it's time to blow the nose, scratch the dry skin, or squeeze ticks out of their hair. It spoiled it for me. Something about nose-blowing in front of someone that makes me want to vomit. Sure we all do it, but we don't go visit a co-worker everytime we get an urge to clear our sinuses.

So now I associate the Frosted Bloob with nose-blowing. Gross! Never again...
Rating 2.0


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