Three individuals (Charlotte, Caroline and Jon) set out to discover the best of the best Pop Tarts created by Kelloggs.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Chocolate Chip

So I tried Chocolate Chip last night. I was expecting plain pastry with a chocolate filling and then chocolate icing -- because that's what the box showed. But when I opened a package, I was pleasantly surprised. The pastry was light brown in color -- it looked exactly like a chocolate chip cookie. And there were little chocolate chips imbedded in the top. There was also a drizzling of chocolate frosting (light brown in color) over the top. I wasn't very hungry when I toasted them, because I ate a big dinner, but the smell of them toasting was very good. Like chocolate chip cookies baking. I retrieved them from the toaster (burning my fingers per usual) and put them on a plate. I studied them for a little while before taking a bite. The imbedded chips had melted. So the whole thing was very similar to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. But I took a bite of the corner and was nonplussed. The pastry didn't taste like chocolate chip cookies. It sort of lacked flavor. The chocolate icing on the top also didn't have much flavor. Then I hit the filling -- it was very shiny and dark brown. It taste like chocolate but definitely didn't taste like melted chocolate chips. I already wanted to jump ship, but figured I should press on to the middle. The middle being that point where the amount of filling is the greatest. but once I got in, I wanted out fast. I regretted every bit. I thought to myself, if I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, I would just make some. I wouldn't want or expect a pop tart to emulate a chocolate chip cookie. So I had a full tart and a 1/3 tart left. I wasn't sure what to do with them... I couldn't give them to Chouli (she only will eat the brown sugar cinnamon ones -- toasted, mind you, WITH frosting).

But then I thought oh I'll just throw them in the trash. Big problem with that, though... I have serious ants in my house. carpenter ants, sugar ants -- you name it. If it's an ant, it's been living the high life in my house. If I throw anything in my garbage, they find it, suck out any available sugary marrow, and head straight home to the large, lazy, pupated queen. They regurgitate their gift, thus propagating their family. Long story short, if I throw sugary tarts in the trash, I will have a veritable ant woodstock next morning. I once dropped a breath mint on my floor and the next day it was totally swarmed. I actually thought I saw little police ants with shields holding back the crowd.

So what did I do with the unwanted, wannabe CCC tarts? flushed em down the loo. after a few swirls, I could see them start to soften and down they went. brilliant.

so I score the Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts a 1.5. But I am sure if you are into them, they would be great. I brought the rest of the box into work today. I gave one package to Jon and put the rest of the box in accounting... -Charlotte


Blogger The Oinkin Dorks said...

I must admit, I feel better that Chocolate Chip was just as disappointing as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It would be very unfair if the chip were a choco-lious experience when the dough was so gluey! -Caroline

11:29 AM  
Blogger piddlermike said...

I have created an incredible dessert using choc. chip pop tarts. Use two c.c. pop tarts and spread a layer of smooth peanut butter on one and put together in a sandwich style. Melt chocolate almond bark in glass bowl and cut pop tarts into 4's. Dip in almond bark to cover, place on wax paper to cool and enjoy!!!!!!! One package of almond bark will do a 12 count pop tart.

Mike Williams

12:47 PM  
Anonymous chocolate girl said...

Actually, Chocolate Chip is the only kind of Pop Tart I like. I eat it untoasted, and I find it less overwhelmingly sweet than the others. It really tastes like chocolate, and it's quite delicious if you ask me.

9:46 PM  

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