Three individuals (Charlotte, Caroline and Jon) set out to discover the best of the best Pop Tarts created by Kelloggs.

Monday, July 18, 2005

French Toast

French Toast Pop tarts are nothing like French Toast. i thought it would be a Mrs Butterworths experience but instead it was a cinnamon scented with maple. the pastry, however, is fascinating, and texturized as though to look like bread, and stamped with the shape of a piece of bread! i thought it would have a maple frosting on it but it was unfrosted and just sprinkled with cinnamon. it was far better raw than toasted. when toasted it was painfully dry and i desperately wished i had a big cold glass of milk. i would give it a three. it's name serves to remind you that you would much rather be eating real french toast and its flavor makes you think about how great cinnamon poptarts are. i might buy these again if i were desperate for cinnamon poptarts and couldn't find any. - Caroline


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